So tell me why Christians always are labeled as haters? I mean, I know there are SOME that are hateful. 

But in Mosul, Iraq. They were all expelled for no wrongdoing. Not only that they have lived in this city for thousands of years. And now they are just gone! 

I don’t want to judge Islam based on ISIS, but it seems to me, we should be pointing out how hateful and intolerant this is. 

Why are we so silent? 

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Well I threw up, nice start to physical exercise Dave!

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I want to make sure I am seen by those crazy drivers lol

Movie poster for God Help the Girl, directed by Stuart Murdoch (Belle and Sebastian).

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I have hit 199! This is a milestone

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When The Lord Made Me…

Highway to Heaven | Madrid - Spain (by Ӻotoαguαdo⓭)

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