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Monday morning wake up knowing that you’ve got to go to school…

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October 7

Will be picking up a lot of these. 

Lana Del Rey (photo 2006 to 2008)

I think she has a lovely smile, she should do it once in a while. Sadness is not sexy to me. 

I guess the Robin Williams death scares me for a few reasons. 

One, I like 16 million Americans deal with depression. I don’t know why I am sad most days, I just feel sad. I have never been to the place where I can’t function with my day to day activities, so it’s not “clinical” yet. But that doesn’t really make a difference. 

I guess what I am trying to say, is that I am prone and you are prone to hit the bottom and feel trapped. I battle with the feelings of despair day to day, trying to rise above whatever funk I am in. I have had my parents, friends, and other people say, “Just snap out of it”, “Get over yourself” and stuff like that. They are only trying to help, I get that. 

But they don’t realize how scary this thing is. I wish I could tell you when bad days are coming, but there are times I have no idea. 

Robin Williams had MANY bad days, and just couldn’t take it anymore. I think we all have that threshold, and I couldn’t even imagine ever getting to that place. But he probably was in that boat too, so I guess that’s why it scares me. 

Just keep going… that’s all you can do. 

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I need a change in my life. 

It can be subtle, but something has to give. 

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